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Where the Crawdads Sing
The Summer I Turned Pretty
It's Not Summer Without You
It Ends with Us
We'll Always Have Summer
Ugly Love
The Hotel Nantucket
Happily Ever Afters for Hope
The Inn on Harmony Island
Lethal Game
Tween Kwisine
  • Author : Corie Goodson
  • Release : 01 July 2022
  • Publisher : Dog Ear Publishing
  • Pages : 140 Pages
  • ISBN : 0976660318
  • Category : Cooking

Our children are experiencing a serious health crisis. If we do not get educated about it and facilitate change it is estimated that our children will not even live to the current lifespan of adults today. In fact, cancer, diabetes, asthma, obesity, ADHD and degenerative diseases are more prevalent than ever. One in four children is obese and nearly 50% of children who remain obese as adolescents continue the trend as adults (Int'l Journal of Obesity 1999 & Pediatrics, 1998). By age 3, children have fatty deposits in their arteries and by age twelve, 70% have developed beginning stages of hardening of the arteries (Bogalusa Heart Study NHLBI, 2002). More than 8 million children have asthma. This statistic has increased 232% over the last 40 years (Archives of Pediatric/Adolescent Medicine, 2000) and 25% of all 12 year olds have higher than normal blood pressure (Berenson, 2004) Did you know that less than 7% of all school age ki

Cultures of Child Health in Britain and the Netherlands in the Twentieth Century
  • Author : Marijke Gijswijt-Hofstra
  • Release : 01 July 2022
  • Publisher : Rodopi
  • Pages : 317 Pages
  • ISBN : 9789042010444
  • Category : History

The health and welfare of children became an area of concern and action in the early decades of the twentieth century. This concern would develop an ever-broader remit during the course of the century, moving from anxiety about high death rates, physical health and the 'unfit', to embrace all children and the mental health and the psychological well-being of individuals. This volume emerged out of an Anglo-Dutch Workshop held at the University of Warwick in July 1999, and is the first book to explore child health in the twentieth century in a comparative perspective, focussing on such issues as the link between child health and citizenship, the impact of ideas concerning degeneracy, socialisation, consumerism and children's rights, and the role of the family, state and experts in mediating child health.

Baptizing Harry Potter
  • Author : Luke Bell
  • Release : 01 July 2022
  • Publisher : Paulist Press
  • Pages : 224 Pages
  • ISBN : 1616431156
  • Category : Children

The scope and tragedy of the thing : the structure of the series -- More things in heaven and earth : going beyond the normal -- As if a man were author of himself : good against evil -- Be absolute for death : life and death -- Power is made perfect in weakness : power and weakness -- To lay down one's life for one's friends : love and sacrifice -- It is essential that you understand this : freedom and determination -- A pretty boring life : the hidden and the ostentatious -- Telling it like it is : the struggle for truth -- They will see God : purity of heart and purity of blood.

The Palgrave Handbook of Child Mental Health
  • Author : Jessica Nina Lester
  • Release : 17 December 2015
  • Publisher : Springer
  • Pages : 647 Pages
  • ISBN : 1137428317
  • Category : Psychology

A landmark publication in the field, this state of the art reference work includes contributions from leading thinkers across a range of disciplines on topics including ADHD, autism, depression, eating disorders and trauma. It is an essential resource for all those involved or interested in child mental health.

Purposeful Play for Early Childhood Phonological Awareness
  • Author : Hallie Yopp
  • Release : 01 July 2022
  • Publisher : Shell Education
  • Pages : 193 Pages
  • ISBN : 142589402X
  • Category : Education

Provide students with purposeful practice and fun activities that focus on detecting, manipulating, and interacting with the sounds of language. Purposeful Play for Early Childhood Phonological Awareness offers 70 lessons that are grouped according to phonological skills and include kinesthetic, visual, and aural representations. Through singing songs, engaging in role-playing games, or tossing balls of yarn, students will gain quality speech practice and learn how to isolate sounds and recognize individual words, syllables, rhymes, and phonemes. Alternate suggestions at the end of each activity are also included to make accommodating modifications for diverse learners. This resource is correlated to College and Career Readiness Standards.

Children   s Concepts of Well being
  • Author : Tobia Fattore
  • Release : 05 May 2021
  • Publisher : Springer Nature
  • Pages : 284 Pages
  • ISBN : 3030671674
  • Category : Psychology

This book presents a range of innovative analytical frameworks that can be used to approach the complexities of children’s understandings and experiences of well-being in a locally oriented, context-sensitive and multi-nationally comparative way. It addresses the challenges of undertaking research on children’s understandings of well-being from a multi-national qualitative perspective. Chapters in the book present results that show how children from various places all over the world conceptualize and experience well-being as well as how this is linked local, regional and national social, political and cultural contexts.

The Reading Connection
  • Author : Elizabeth Knowles
  • Release : 01 July 1997
  • Publisher : Libraries Unlimited
  • Pages : 118 Pages
  • ISBN : 9781563084362
  • Category : Education

Includes read aloud sessions, book clubs, bibliotherapy and problem novels, and other aspects of reading programs for children.

The Young Investor
  • Author : Katherine R. Bateman
  • Release : 01 October 2010
  • Publisher : Chicago Review Press
  • Pages : 144 Pages
  • ISBN : 1613740549
  • Category : Juvenile Nonfiction

Suggests how to make your money grow, discussing savings, investing, stocks, and the economy.

Current Management in Child Neurology
  • Author : Bernard L. Maria
  • Release : 01 July 2022
  • Publisher : PMPH-USA
  • Pages : 808 Pages
  • ISBN : 9781607950004
  • Category : Medical

One in ten children seen in primary care practice and 25% of hospitalized children appear with a neurologic complaint. The fourth edition of Current Management in Child Neurology provides succinct reviews in the form of superb "how-to" chapters on the most common neurological complaints and pathologic conditions seen in pediatric practice. This volume provides clinicians with a state-of-the-art "toolbox" for diagnosis and treatment of the most commonly presented neurologic disorders and dysfunctions in children, including headache, seizures and epilepsy, neurobehavioral disorders, school readiness, developmental delay, trauma, meningitis and encephalitis, injury to the preterm and term brains, and status epilepticus. Chapters new to the 4th edition include information on a range of other conditions such as microcephaly, neurodegenerative disorders, chromosomal disorders, epilepsy in adolescence, epileptic encephalopathy, pediatr

Understanding Children in Foster Care
  • Author : Wendy Kelly
  • Release : 25 October 2017
  • Publisher : Springer
  • Pages : 232 Pages
  • ISBN : 3319653768
  • Category : Psychology

This book introduces the Relational Learning Framework (RLF), an assessment tool which helps foster care practitioners, social workers and foster carers to examine what foster children have learned in their early life about relationships and particularly through maltreatment. Grounded in attachment theory and drawing on cognitive theory this book will help practitioners to understand and respond to the challenging behaviour presented by these children and remove barriers to an empathic response. Early chapters provide context in a theoretical discourse on the causes and consequences of psychological and attachment difficulties for children in care, including a discussion of maltreatment and foster care. The theoretical basis of the technique will be outlined and subsequent chapters will explain how to undertake RLF including the wide-ranging practice evidence, a worked example, common themes and trouble shooting. This will be an

Children and Families in the Social Environment
  • Author : James Garbarino
  • Release : 01 July 2022
  • Publisher : Transaction Publishers
  • Pages : 411 Pages
  • ISBN : 0202364720
  • Category : SOCIAL SCIENCE

The first edition of this volume successfully applied Bronfenbrenner's "micro-systems" taxonomy to childrearing and family life. Emphasizing how forces in the environment influence children's behavior, Garbarino has staked out an intermediate position between the psychoanalytic and the systems approach to human development. Taking cognizance of new research and of changes in American society, Garbarino has once again carefully analyzed the importance of children's social relationships. For this wholly revised second edition, he has incorporated a greater emphasis on ethnic, cultural, and racial issues.

Re Visioning Public Health Approaches for Protecting Children
  • Author : Bob Lonne
  • Release : 26 April 2019
  • Publisher : Springer
  • Pages : 504 Pages
  • ISBN : 3030058581
  • Category : Social Science

This volume provides readers around the globe with a focused and comprehensive examination of how to prevent and respond to child maltreatment using evidence-informed public health approaches and programs that meet the needs of vulnerable children, and struggling families and communities. It outlines the system failures of contemporary forensically-driven child protection practice. Detailed guidance is provided about how to re-think earlier intervention strategies, and establish stronger and more effective programs and services that prevent maltreatment at the population level. Service user and stakeholder perspectives, particularly from marginalized groups including Indigenous peoples, highlight how public health approaches can better support families and keep children safe. Case studies from different countries grapple with the fraught nature of large system change and the various strategies needed to effect multi-level reform